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Why work with ParkLife?

Many of the decisions we make when managing outdoor spaces are strongly influenced by knowing the number of people & how they use these spaces. You may even depend on these numbers for grants or future investment purposes.

What does ParkLife deliver?

ParkLife specialise in providing accurate 24/7 activity numbers delivered via a password protected Web Browser, leaving you to get on with your business, safe in the knowledge your decisions are made on hard reliable facts.

About ParkLife

The business has combined experience of over 70 years in visitor counting. Our managing team were amongst the early pioneers in remote people, cycle & car counting, as far back as the early 1990’s. We now implement cutting edge technologies both in the counting but also the deployment of long-life independent power solutions.

ParkLife is a partner of CountWise group of companies, who in turn are the globally recognised leader in the area of footfall and customer centric insights, having worked extensively within the retail, and commercial sectors for over 18 years.

Whilst we are a small dedicated team, designing and building outdoor counting solutions, they are an international business with 8 globally based offices and have implemented more than 16 partner programs in key strategic areas around the world.

We also sell directly to organisations such as, Forestry England, RSPB & the National Trust

As a business we work with best of breed partners and clients to maintain and grow both our manufacturing and analytical understanding.


What can we help you with?